We provide you with a fast track solutions for your business! 

Crypto currency exchange or investment broker


We have various ready for implementation crypto currency exchange or crypto currency broker solutions for you.

Fundraising and Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


Everything you need to raise money from seed investors safely, yet efficiently. Includes board consents, financing checklist, and primer on securities compliance.

Electronic money and Payments Institutions


If you are planing to run your own payments and e-wallets fintech business we have out of box solutions to offer you.

Cryptocurrency investment management or investment fund

If you are runing or planing to run succesful crypto investment business we are ready to help you with paper work from A to Z.

Crypto currency processing for Merchants


If you work in a new and innovative blockchain area or you would like to use opprotunity to integrate your business into new emerging crypto economy, and accept and make payments in cryptocurrencies for goods and services, we are ready to help.

P2P crypto lending platform

If you run or plan to run sucessful P2P lending business and integrate it to the crypto community, we have solution for you.